Over time, I will post here the interesting storage pictures I find. Of course, so many of us have limited storage! Where are we going to put all that food? I completely understand, since I just moved into a house that doesn't even have enough room for my dishes in the kitchen. Each time I find a new solution to the problem, I will post it *over* the previous solutions. So, bottoms up is the rule!

  • Wow, look at this great DIY project!

    Not sure what it is?  Well, it's storage you can build yourself if you have a tiny bit of space.  To see what these folks did, check out Learning To Be Me. I love this idea!  I don't have room next to my refrigerator, BUT . . . I do have an empty undercabinet area that I could make smaller, multiples of this idea.  Thinking . . . thinking . . . thinking. . . .

    Added March 4, 2012
  • Jodi and Julie have a link to some storage shelving you can build yourself - the kind that holds the cans and they roll from the top front to the bottom front, similar to the ones you can buy below.  Personally, after reading through the plans, I think it's a lot easier to just buy the cardboards ones.  However, sometimes we have more time than money, so I'm including the link to Build-your-own-can-rotating-rack/.  They posted the .pdf for another site, and show the steps of how to build it, with lots of pictures!

    My friend, Gail, bought some I like and may try soon.  These are plastic and more expensive than the cardboard ones.  I like the idea that they come already assembled!  They come in several sizes, and there's even a dual one where you can store 3-4 cans on each level, for the things you don't use a lot. You can find these at the pantrymaid site.

    One more site to visit for organizers:  closetpages has links to several handy organizing tools. 

    Added February 4, 2012
  • Here's something I never thought about. I don't have to leave my kitchen cabinets the way they are! I can change the shelves around. It may be that I can take them out and reinstall them myself. It may be that professionals need to do them. Either way, it's a relatively inexpensive way to get more space. How so?

    I can then use vertical storage bins like this one from Shelf Reliance. This particular one holds 20 cans, and is on sale right now. There are also versions which hold 40 and 60 cans. The height, however, is 9.5". My cabinets have evenly spaced 9" shelves. Bah, and also humbug!

    2-4-12 Update: I put together one of the cantainers I'd ordered, and it's on my metal shelf in the garage, helping with the 3 month rotating food supply.  Sadly, I didn't think it through well enough and I don't have the optimal spaces for the cans I actually have.  It was a bit of effort to get it together, and I haven't had the umpf to take it apart and re-do it.  I'm giving the other two to a friend, in return for some of the cardboard ones she bought, like the ones below.

    This one is even taller, 10-3/8". It comes in various lengths and is made of cardboard. They are sold in packs of four at Can Organizer A friend has these, and I hope to take a picture of her storage closet. She has much more room than I do! And a clever husband to build things.

    If you want to make your own, there are $15 plans here.

    Posted September 30, 2011
  • Here's a solution I found that I'm going to try on the inside-the-house side of my garage door. I found it at Amazon, where I think you can find almost anything! It's also available at Bed, Bath and Beyond for less. A slightly smaller one can be found at I like the baskets on the larger one.

    The caution I read was not to close the door too quickly or hard, or things can fly out. I would also tend to put lighter weight items on this.

    I may try it on the door to my under-stairs closet, which is where the cases of cans will be organized - soon, I hope! This seems like an inexpensive alternative to shelves that need wall space. I think it can also be hung on the wall, however, if you have a skinny wall somewhere, instead of a lesser-used closet.

    Posted September 10, 2011