Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Purpose

Greetings! If you've found your way here, you are probably interested in home food storage for the long haul, or in using your home food storage in actual meals, so you can rotate your stock and keep it fresh. For a can of rice from the Bishop's Storehouse, Home Storage Center. with a shelf life of 30 years, if kept at 75 F or less, this might not be a huge issue. But who wants to live only on rice?

Right up front, you need to know I'm LDS, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Mormon, in the vernacular, and no we don't worship the golden statues on top of some of our temples, and we don't worship seagulls, either, in spite of their being most helpful birds. (Did you see my smile there?) This isn't a religious or conversion site, but a lot of my information comes from church sources, so just be aware of that.

In this time of natural disasters and economic calamities, it is more important than ever to keep a supply of food stored. I know quite a few families living off their food storage while one or both parents tries to find a job. I know a few more who wish they had that storage, but they didn't listen to a prophet's voice.

For as long as I've been a member of the LDS church, we've been advised to have a supply of food stored. In the 1960s, it was two years, now it's one, but have some, even if it's a week or a month or three months. In fact, start small. Start with food for a 72-hour emergency. In the first three days of calamity, not having to worry about food for you and your family could mean the difference between coping and not. Then build a week, then a month, then three months, and keep building.

We are told it is not only for ourselves, but for our neighbors. I've heard friends say, "Yeah, and someone finds out you have it and comes after it with a gun." It's always possible. And I have a gun, too. Nevertheless, the prophet has said the Lord advises us to store for ourselves and our neighbors, and I believe that if I do what the Lord advises, I will be alright.

In the coming days, I'm going to share the things I've learned the hard way, and some easy ways that have been shared with me. There's no need to think, "Oh, my gosh, a whole year's supply???" We will start small and build. There's time to do that still.

On the sidebar, there are links, in alphabetical order, to some of my favorite sites - coupon hints and links, recipes, and other food storage information. I hope you'll bookmark this site, become a follower, and begin to store food against emergency times. It can never hurt to have it, but if you need it and don't have it, it could spell disaster.


BEA said...
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BEA said...

I have always believed that we should have enough food to keep us when times are bad. No work, sick, etc. I am very fortunate not to have gone through anything like that in recent years. When we were first married times were extremely hard and if it was not for the little store of food we had, I do not know what we would have done.
this is a great lesson for everyone to take notice of.